“The B Andrew facial wash and serum is absolutely amazing! I bought it for a friend of mine who has T zone oily skin and what a difference this product has made a difference in his skin! The redness around his nose and cheek are is gone. Plus it is helping his adult acne! Phenomenal!!!!!!”

– Darien Roth

“I’ve been using B Andrew skin care for two months. I am an esthetician and very careful of what I use on my skin or what I would recommend. When I had a facial from Andrew (the best) I was able to experience & learn about the skincare. I was so pleased with the results I couldn’t wait to get the whole regimen for me! Yes, it is all natural organic essential oil based. I can’t wait to use my Cleopatra Serum everyday it feels and smells so good. My skin is glowing and happy.”

– Sandy Opsomer

“Love these products. Left my face feeling fresh, light, clean, and smelling great. Plus eco friendly.”

– Elizabeth

“I had an amazing facial by Andrew a little over a month ago and purchased the Three Pack Facial because I loved it so much. After a month of using the products my redness is less and the dry patches on my nose and cheeks are gone!! I’ve tried many products with little to no improvement but I feel so much better about my skin! I also use the Cleopatra before I apply my primer and foundation for another application! The Facial Cleanser washes the makeup off without feeling like you are stripping your skin like most make up removers. Also the Cleopatra is the best eye make up remover I have EVER used. Can’t recommend Andrew and his products more.”

– Karissa

“I have used your tooth powder for more than ten years and my hygienist always praises how clean and white are my teeth. I am a loyal costumer and I don’t use any other product in my mouth.”

– Maria Teresa Saldarriaga

“I have been using B Andrew Skin Care products for years! Their Mask is amazing! The power of the 3 different clays with all of the other ingredients really draw out impurities in the skin. Sometimes I leave it on for 5 min just to hydrate and clean the dead skin. Sometimes I leave it for 15 min to really draw out the impurities in the deeper levels. I use B Andrew’s Facial Cleanser to remove, and both combined leave my skin exfoliated and wonderfully clean! I haven’t had an acne break out since I started with this skin care company. The Mask has a Rosemary smell, which is why it might not be to everyone’s liking, but I have spoken to the creators themselves and I was assured that the ingredients are there for a reason. My skin knows and feels the reason. Try it, you will love all their products.”

– Loyal Customer

“The Mask is great, I can really feel the impurities drawn out of my skin. I use a cloth to remove which adds an exfoliation of dead skin cells. The cleanser is wonderful, I have been using for years! I had a bad shaving rash for years but B Andrew’s product cleared that up quickly. The Serum smells great and only a few drops go a long way!

I am a guy, so skin care isn’t really my “thing” but these products make it easy.

Try them, you will love them I promise!”

– Palantear21

“I have tried many, too many, skin care products. I have very sensitive skin and I find that most products have some kind of drawback. I can say that I have used the Cleanser, Hydration Cream and Hydration Mask and I can’t live without them. They have a mild scent, and leave your skin feeling amazing.”

– Nerdy Girl 42

“I LOVE this cleanser, it smells so good and leaves my face clean and silky smooth. I give this product an A+. I also give their customer service an A+ they are very prompt…”

– Toni E

“As a licensed esthetician, I highly recommend B Andrew Skin Care and have personally used it for years.

The cleanser is one of my favorite products because it gently removes impurities and makeup while respecting the natural balance of the skin. So often cleansers strip the skin’s “acid mantle” of its natural oils resulting in a dry and dull appearance! However, B Andrew’s hydrating cleanser uses only organic ingredients and Vitamin C that contribute to the moisture and tone of your complexion. It also contains AHA (alpha hydroxyl) to help slough off older skin cells with its gentle exfoliating properties. Cellular turnover is a key factor for any successful anti-aging and acne treatment.

Your skin is left looking perfectly clean and radiant!”

– M Webb

“Facial Cleanser: The best ever… I love this.”

– Arthur Coleman

“Cleopatra Herbal Serum is phenomenal. I happen to own hundreds of different essential oils for formulating perfume mainly; and I have tried to make some beauty-focused items myself but working with essential oils in that respect can be a little tricky and I had been wanting a skincare serum that specifically utilizes frankincense, myrrh, and patchouli because I am aware of the benefits and abilities of them.

Over a year ago I think is the last time I actually actively looked for something within this specific criteria, and then I happened to find the Cleopatra Serum and was able to purchase it at generous discount, which I am so grateful for because I am astounded at how good it is. This stuff feels like a luxurious oil, it’s not thin and it’s not too thick — it’s perfect and rich. The skin just drinks it up.

The first time I applied it I thought I wasn’t going to be able to go straight to bed because the oil would ruin my linen pillow case, but it absorbed into my skin so well that my face was just nicely dewy and not oily at all so I was able to go to bed immediately after.

I truly feel like I’m feeding my skin with a rich, nourishing blend of ingredients when I use this and it shows. I literally went one full day without putting anything else on my face other than an application of this the night before – and my skin is still dewy and just bouncy feeling (as in good elasticity).

I will be happily ordering this again at full price and thank you to the B Andrew Skin Care Company for being so generous in offering this to me at a discount for my honest review. I feel like this really could be one of those ‘lifetime’ skincare products that I use into old age.

LOVE this serum!!! Thank you again.”


“B Andrew Skin Care products are the best I have ever used for my sensitive skin. I discovered them about 4 years ago and haven’t tried another line since. This serum is natural and WORKS!

I love the complete line from cleanser and toner to creams to serums and exfoliation and mask. Believe me, I have spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to find a line that worked on my sensitive, but now more mature skin, and this is the first line that I have been able to use for any length of time. Try it for yourself!”

– Susan Shaw

B Andrew Skin Care

See the difference in your skin

B Andrew Skincare creates the best quality handcrafted 100% organic skin care products through a cold-pressed process. All of our products are created to act as a whole food for your skin. We do not use chemicals or preservatives of any kind.

Try our products today and see the difference in your skin!

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