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Facial Mist

B Andrew Skin Care "Facial Mist " is a hydrating, refreshing spray mist, good for all skin types. It is a refreshing pure vitamin and mineral liquid mist. The Facial Mist assist the skin in maintaining natural firmness, tone and restoring the skin’s natural PH balance.

“B.Andrew Skin Care Facial Mist” Feed your skin daily with this amazing whole food nutrient spray mist.  Can be used at any time for a refreshing boost. The “Facial Mist” works to soften fine lines, diminish pores, remove bacteria and refresh your skin.

Secrets of The Facial Mist 
The powerful ingredients of the Facial Mist can work for many purposes, including a daily deodorant, a reviving body spray, sunburn relief. All this in addition to a refreshing afternoon spritz. The Facial Mist also works well as a finishing spray for your make-up or for dehydrated hair; simply mist the toner on the hair, comb through and let dry. Revive your skin with this powerful natural spray mist daily balancing toner. This toner does just that, it TONES the skin and refreshes it from everyday pollution, dirt and the daily wear and tear. It helps restore your skin's natural healthy glow. The nutritive ingredients also soften fine lines, diminish pores and remove bacteria, while feeding your skin with cold pressed essential oils, aloe vera, vitamins and minerals that restore your skins natural healthy glow.

Ingredients: distilled water, aloe vera, witch hazel extract, lavender oil, spearmint oil , tea tree oil, geranium oil, chamomile oil, frankincense oil, argan oil, vitamin C,

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