B Andrew Skin Care organic hand-crafted facial and skin care products

Facial Cream

B Andrew Skin Care" Facial Cream" is a Hand-Crafted 100% pure, organic, chemical free, luxurious vitamin and mineral moisturizer. Deliver minerals, vitamins and hydration to the deepest layers of the skin naturally. Reduce lines, wrinkles, blemishes, dry or flaky skin. 

Ingredients: distilled water, jojoba oil, olive leaf oil, aloe vera, lavender, beeswax,  geranium, rose, chamomile, myrrh, bergamot, ylang ylang, neroli, patchouli, spearmint, tea tree, vitamin C, argan oil, evening prime rose oil, xanthan gum, grape seed extract and mineral salts.

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B Andrew Skin Care Organic Hand-Crafted Skin Care Products