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Core Movement Technique

Are you limited in your ability to move, balance, dance, run, skip, stretch or exercise?

Do you suffer muscular, joint or physical discomfort which limits your range of motion, activities or day to day life?

Would you like to have freedom of movement, range of motion, balance and good posture?

Core Movement Technique was created to assist in restoring and gaining posture, balance, flexibility, strength, agility and freedom of movement.  while freeing the mind, body and spirit from stress, negative thoughts and constricted breathing.

Core Movement Technique increases blood flow and circulation, restores oxygenation, decreases stress, increases neural pathways, reduces muscular fatigue while restoring elasticity, balance, alignment, posture and increased range of motion and movement.

Core Movement Technique begins with one on one personal sessions where you will be introduced to the Core Movement Techniques including movement, posture, breathing and release exercises. This beginning session also assist you in finding the physical and structural  restrictions, blocks and alignment patterns.  Including previous injuries, myofascial restrictions, emotional or cellular holding patterns, negative thoughts and posture. When you are comfortable with the fundamental techniques and principals of Core Movement Technique you will be able to maintain and continue in your journey of free movement in either private sessions or group classes. 

Core Movement Technique Sessions can be scheduled by contacting Andrew Guilfoil at 727-793-4883  Personal sessions are scheduled Tuesday-Saturday with both day and evening appointments available. Core Movement Technique Session $65.00 per session or 5 sessions for $275.00

Core Movement Technique Classes will be offered three days per week at B Andrew Salon and Spa please contact Andrew Guilfoil for Class information and schedule. Individual classes are $25.00 per class. Discounts are offered with a multiple class purchase.

Core Movement Technique was created by Andrew Guilfoil, through his own experience, work and personal journey.  His experience includes an extensive background in classical ballet as a dancer and, teacher, massage therapist, and integrated modalities including reflexology, breath work, myofascial release, body un-winding, yoga, exercise and energy work.  Core Movement Technique began as part of the The Reality Formula: Beliefs in the Body workshops in which Andrew and (Mother) Lynne Forrest facilitated two day workshops that allowed participants an opportunity to explore and unwind chronic negative alignment, posture and personal beliefs held in the body.
Combining his experience, observations and understanding of the physical body Andrew began to explore different methods of releasing the physical body from patterns of dis-alignment, poor posture, restricted movement and physical discomfort.  Core Movement Technique was born combining both the principals of movement and alignment with The Reality Formula and its Guiding Principals brought into a daily practice which allows us to live in the present moment  mind, body and spirit. 

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Core Movement Technique Classes
Classes Begin April 6, 2016 

Wednesday’s  From 9:00- 10:00am
Saturday’s  From 8:00-9:00am
Please Reserve your Space as Classes are limited to 6
To Reserve Call Andrew 727-793-4883

Up-Coming Workshops

Reality Formula and Beliefs In the Body
June 25 - June 26 2016 with Lynne Forrest & Andrew Guilfoil in Monteagle, Tennessee
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